Primas Final Conference

Welcome to the website of the PRIMAS event ‘Learning for the future: Changing mathematics and science classes’ which took place in Brussels on 28 November 2013 from 1.30pm to 3.45pm.

The PRIMAS project (2010 – 2013) hosted its final conference on 28 November 2013 in Brussels. This event focussed on the changing requirements of teaching and learning in schools in our dynamic, knowledge-based society. The conference was mainly geared towards educational policy makers, advisors, authorities and researchers. The achieved aim of this event was to outline a vision of our young people’s educational needs in order to better prepare them for life beyond our classrooms. In their future professional and personal lives, problem solving skills, and competencies for self-directed learning and exploring new knowledge areas will be – and indeed already are, becoming more important than ever. Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is one such adaptive response to changing educational needs.

The conference also showed what PRIMAS has achieved towards this end. Core to this conference was an opportunity to reflect on classroom and systemic challenges facing teachers, and the consequential, related implications for projects like PRIMAS and policy. The project consortium effectively illustrated potential ways forward for future initiatives towards the named vision.

Host and cooperation partner for organising this conference was the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany to the EU.

The following pages provide you with information about the ‘Learning for the future’ event’s scope, general project information, the conference programme as well as information about the speakers. Please find all the conference presentations at the tab “Presentations”.

The PRIMAS project team